Lieut. Charles B. Kimball, First Wisconsin Battery
May 30, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to submit to you the following report of the part taken in the two engagements of May 16 and 17 by the First Wisconsin Battery, under my command:

May 16, coming upon the enemy strongly posted in thick timber of Champion's Hill, I placed my battery in line of battle, which was formed in the following order: One section I caused to be placed in battery to the front, covering also a deep ravine in front and to the right of our line. The remaining two sections of the battery I placed in position covering the front, and also a deep ravine on the left of our line, the whole being supported by three regiments of infantry of the Second Brigade. In this position, with but slight change, I remained until 3 p.m. without firing a single round, when I was ordered to move forward and join the First Brigade at Edwards Depot, where it had halted for the night, after pursuing the enemy until a late hour. I did so, arriving at 11 p.m., where I also encamped for the remaining hours of the night.

May 17, moved forward at 4 a.m., coming upon the enemy at 9 a.m., strongly intrenched near Big Black. Captain Foster being present, ordered the center section, under Lieutenant Hackett, into position on the west side of the railroad, where it soon opened fire upon the enemy, but was shortly after relieved by the right section, on account of one of its pieces being partially disabled by the explosion of the limber-chest. The left section I placed in position on the right of the line, in which position it did some execution; but, as the enemy soon after retreated, but a few rounds were fired.

At 2 p.m., having been victorious, I got my command together near the enemy's works, where I remained until 6 p.m., when I received orders to encamp for the night. During the engagement the piece of which William McKeith is gunner, and had had its limber-chest blown up by one of the enemy's shells bursting in it early in the engagement, was successful in dismounting one 24-pounder gun for the enemy.

List of casualties during the day was as follows: One limber-chest and contents, including 45 rounds of 20-pounder ammunition, completely destroyed by being blown up by one of the enemy's shells bursting in it; Capt. Jacob T. Foster, wounded in the left shoulder; Cannoneer Charles Withee seriously wounded by being burned and bruised by explosion of limber-chest; and Drivers Dedrick and J. Castles slightly wounded by being thrown from their horses and afterward run over.

Hoping this may be satisfactory to you, I remain, captain, your obedient servant,

First Lieutenant, Commanding First Wisconsin Battery.

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

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