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Re-enactments & Events

152nd Anniversary Event

May 16, 2015

Bertram Hayes-Davis, event speaker, delights crowd

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148th Anniversary Event

May 14, 2011

Members of the Champion Hill Missionary Baptist Church and the Champion Heritage Foundation planning committee
for the Champion Hill 148th Anniversary event. Front row left to right: James Drake, Ollie Lewis Stewart, Terry Brantley, Patricia Stewart, Bertha Lewis (center) Elnora Lewis Scott. Back row left to right: Charlie Brantley, Johnnie Stewart,
Norman Lewis, J.P. Allen, Johnnie Lewis and Rebecca Drake.


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146th Anniversary Event

May 16, 2009


Event speakers from left to right: Rebecca Blackwell Drake, Timothy Smith, Terrence Winschel, and Parker Hills

A crowd of approximately 300 gathered on the grounds of the Champion Hill Missionary Baptist Church

to commemorate the 146th anniversary of the Battle of Champion Hill.


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May 2004 Re-enactment
Photograph Albums

                                                                                                             photograph courtesy of Henry Little, November 2004

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The Album of Rebecca Blackwell Drake
Raymond, MS

The Album of Henry Little
Raymond, MS

Vicksburg Campaign II - May 2001 Re-enactment
Photograph Albums

                                                                                                                   photograph courtesy of Ruben Gusman, May 2001 

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The Galleries of Ruben Gusman
Kansas City, MO

The Album of Clione Rochat
San Saba, TX

The Album of James Kelly Lewis
Raymond, MS

The Album of Dave Teeter
Kansas City, MO

Vicksburg Campaign I - May 1998 Re-enactment

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                                                                                                             photograph courtesy of James Drake, May 1998

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