Battle of Champion Hill
List of Killed


 Hiawatha, a plantation house on the Raymond-Edwards Road, was used as a Confederate hospital following the Battle of Champion Hill. Many of the soldiers were brought to this site while others were buried in mass graves on the battlefield. Presently, Hiawatha is in the process of being moved from its original location at Champion Hill to Raymond where its new owners, Bobby and Peggy DeLaughter, has restored the historic home to its original splendor. Appropriately, the house is situated near Raymond’s Confederate Cemetery were those killed during the Battle of Raymond, as well as two from the Battle of Champion Hill, are At Rest.

 A partial list of those Killed at the Battle of Champion hill has been developed from reviewing rosters available on the internet, Official Records, and records at the Vicksburg National Cemetery. 

Please contact us ( if you have additions or corrections to our listing. Current listings include:

Union Dead
(OR: 396 killed, 1,838 wounded)

Listed Below

  • 524 Killed or Died of Wounds

Confederate Dead
(OR 381 killed, 1,018 wounded)

Listed Below

  • 373 Killed or Died of Wounds

A list of the Confederate and Union Killed at the Battle of Raymond, May 12, 1863 is available at the Battle of Raymond website.

Georgia casualties were compiled by Civil War researcher and historian,
Edward Jordan Lanham

200 Carrington Lane, Brooks, GA. 30205

Links to a complete listing of Georgia men killed and wounded (pdf format)
Updated December 2003

Georgia Casualties Arranged by Unit
Georgia Casualties Arranged Alphabetically

Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and Louisiana casualties were researched and compiled by
Robert Myers, SCV Camp 265, Rankin Rough Ready's, Brandon, MS

Confederate Dead

Brig. General Lloyd Tilghman, 1st Brigade, Loring's Division

19th Arkansas
Dismukes Lt. Col. William H.
Gillespie, Fleming Laurie
Hirst, Edvin, Co. H.

20th Arkansas
Robertson, Lt. Col. H. G.

20th Alabama
Bearden, John T., Pvt., Co. C, died August 5, 1863
Draiper, Thomas J., Pvt.,  Co. G 
Miller, R. Hindman, Cpl.,  Co. F, died July 25, 1863
Russell, Alberto, Pvt.,  Co. C

27th Alabama
Isbell, Capt. W. A., Co. G
Taylor, Lt. T. S., Co. I

30th Alabama
Acton, Pvt. William B., Co. K
Dobbins, Pvt. William T., Co. C

31st Alabama
Collum, George Washington., captured

35th Alabama
Anderson, Capt. David M., Co. C

35th Alabama
Hubbard, Lt. George C., Co. F

46th Alabama

Dukes, George H., Pvt., Co. A
Dowdy, A.C., Pvt., Co. G
Dunnaway, William J., Pvt., Co. D
Hodge, W. D., Pvt., Co. K., died June 30, 1863

Jackson, Warren, Pvt., Co. I

King, John N., Pvt., Co C, died June 12, 1863

Kizer, Alexander, Pvt., Co. C
Matthews, J. P., Pvt., Co. D

McCaskill, Capt. Alexander, Co. H., died May 20, 1863
Riggs, Thomas, Adjutant

Senn, William, Pvt., Co. H
Snider, Jeremiah, Pvt., Co. C

Washington, George, Pvt., May Co. G

Weaver, Benjamin Reynolds, Pvt., Co. K

34th Georgia
Adams, Franklin E., Pvt., Co. G, died of wounds
Knox, James R., Pvt., Co. C
McDougle, William, Pvt., Co. G
Richey, James M., Pvt., Co. H
Stephenson, Isaiah J., Pvt., Co. G
Strange, William B., Pvt., Co. C
Thomas, Lee, Pvt., Co. C

36th Georgia
Anderson, A.J., Pvt., Co. H
Anderson, William B., Pvt., Co. F
Cantrell, Felix J., Pvt., Co. D
Cochran, Augustus T., Pvt., Co. F, died Aug 15, 1863
Compton, Marshall F., Pvt., Co. H
Creekmore, Geo. F., Pvt., Co. H
Drum, Abram, Pvt., Co. C
Evans, A. N., Pvt., Co. C
Ferguson, Joseph, Pvt., Co. D
Hampton, W. M., Pvt., Co. F
Jolly, William H. H., Pvt., Co. F
Kirksey, A., Pvt., Co. C, died of wounds June 6, 1863
Lamb, John H., Pvt., Co. C
Lemons, W. J., Pvt., Co. H
Love, J. A., Pvt., Co. C
McDonald, A.J., Pvt., Co. H
Miner, William R., 3rd Sgt., Co. K
Nations, john, 4th Cpl., Co. G
Nicholson, J. H., 5th Sgt., Co. G
Pope, M. L., 3rd Sgt., Co. C, died of wounds May 30, 1863
Poteete, J. B., Pvt., Co. H
Pritchard, Marion D., Pvt., Co. F
Simmons, John E., Pvt., Co. H
Simpson, A.J., 4th Cpl., Co. F, died June 15, 1863
Smithey, James, Pvt., Co. H
Veal, G. P., Pvt., Co. K
Wells, Marion M., Pvt., Co. F
Wilson, William E. C., 2nd Lt., Co. F
Woodall, M. E., Pvt., Co. A

39th Georgia
Bates, James M., 2nd Lt., Co. G, died June 16, 1863
Bevell, James, 1st Cpl., Co. I
Cady, William J. V., Pvt., Co. C
Cowart, Peter, Pvt., Co. I
Elrod, Henry S., Pvt., Co. H
Henderson, John, Pvt., Co. A
Henderson, Joseph, Pvt., Co. A
Horn, Henry Clay, Pvt., Co. H
Ingle, Joseph H., Pvt., Co. I, died June 18, 1863
Jones, John R., Pvt., Co. C
Kent, P. W. G, Pvt., Co. F
Keown, Milton J., Pvt., Co. C
Mann, William, Pvt., Co. H
Packley (Rackley), David M., Pvt., Co. G, died June 17, '83
Rogers, Adolphus A., Pvt., Co. I
Sitton, Joseph, Pvt., Co. I
Small, Geo. W., Pvt., Co. C
Tabor, Jonathan, Pvt., Co. G, died of June 17, 1863

40th Georgia
Amos, John R. Pvt., Co. B
Collins, Joseph M (N), Pvt., Co. B
Heaton, Joseph, Pvt., Co. B
Landers, Ramine W., Pvt., Co. I
Mauldin, John, Pvt., Co. I
McArver, J.H., 1st Sgt., Co. C, died of wounds
Odom, Lewis, Pvt., Co. G, died at Clinton
Stewart, J. L., Pvt., Co. F
Thompson, Berry, Pvt., Co. A
White, Enoch, Pvt., Co. E, died June 1, 1863

41st Georgia
Dewberry, Henry, Pvt., Co. G
Ellis, Esidore, Pvt., Co. B
Harman, Joseph J., Co. F, died of wounds, June 17, 1863
Kline, A. Jack, Pvt., Co. H
Pyron, James A., Pvt., Co. E
Thorton, William J., Pvt., Co. I, died of wounds
Wilson, James C., Pvt., Co. D, died July 14, 1863
Wise, Welcome P., Pvt., Co. H

42nd Georgia
Atkinson, John, Pvt., Co. I
Cook, Austin, Pvt., Co. I
Davis, Sanford Marion, Co. A., captured, paroled,
 and died at home, Gwinnett Co., GA,  9-7-1863.
Fowler, Washington, Pvt., Co. A
Taylor, John B., 3rd Cpl., Co. A, died of wounds

43rd Georgia
Austin, Robert, Pvt., Co. E
Boger, Christopher Columbus, 1st Lt., Co. B
Chadwick, Humphrey, 4th Cpl., Co. C
Chapman, Phillip B., Pvt., Co. K
Cranford, W. R. A., Pvt., Co. F
Culpepper, Caleb C., Pvt., Co. F
Culpepper, William H., Pvt., Co. F
Davis, Hugh L., Pvt., Co. F
Duncan, John H., Pvt., Co. A
Espy, Calvin, 4th Cpl., Co. F, died June 15, 1863
Fincher, Joseph E., 2nd Sgt., Co. I
Fowler, William A., Pvt., Co. B
Gravely, Samuel, Pvt., Co. A, died of wounds(?)
Harris, James A.Skidmore, Col., died May 17, 1863
Harris, Lewis W., Pvt., Co. H
Hendrix, Thomas H. B., Cpl., Co E
Horton, James M., 2nd Lt., Co. H, died June 26, 1863
Hughes, William T., Pvt., Co. I
Hutchins, Norman B., Pvt., Co. E
 Lackey, James M., Pvt., Co. F
Lay, Elisha J., Pvt., Co. F
Leonard, James R., Pvt., Co. B, died May 22, 1863
McCutchen, James, Pvt., Co. C
Pinson, Thomas W., Pvt., Co. A
Poole, John M., Pvt., Co. L, died October 9, 1863
Pruett, Empson (Emerson)., Pvt., Co. D
Pruitt, Samuel A., Pvt., Co. E, died May 19, 1863
Ragsdale, Thornton R., Pvt., Co. B
Ragsdale, William S., Pvt., Co. F
Sams, Lewis A., Pvt., Co. I
Stovall, Patrick M., Pvt., Co. E
Waldrip, William C., Pvt., Co. E
Waldrop, Samuel, Pvt. Co. C, died May 28, 1863
Wall, John W., Pvt., Co. H
Wallace (Wallis), William C., Pvt., Co. E
Wood, Henry L., Pvt., Co I, died of wounds June 3, 1863

52nd Georgia
Beaver, Jesse W., Pvt., Co. H, died May 18, 1863
Boyd, Augusta F., Capt., Co. D
Burns, H. C., Pvt., Co. D
Carroll, W. A., 2nd Sgt., Co. B
Chastain, John J., Pvt., Co. G
Davis, John, Pvt., Co. H
Elrod, Thomas, Pvt., Co. C, died July 6, 1863
Freeman, N.M., 1st Sgt., Co. B
Green, Edward, Pvt., Co. I
Green, John F., Pvt., Co. I
Green, John, Pvt., Co. I
Hamby, Ezekiel, Pvt., Co. I
Hawkins, James s., Pvt., Co. G
Ingram, Martin R., Pvt., Co. G
Lavasque, Hamilton W (N)., Pvt., Co. H
Lovell, George, Pvt., Co. F
McBrayer, Bailey, Pvt., Co. D
Oliver, James M., 4th Sgt., Co. H
Rogers, James. Pvt., Co. B
Simpson, Jonas, 3rd Cpl., Co. G
Sosbee, Robert A (S)., 4th Cpl., Co. A
Wigley, Allen, Pvt., Co. D
Wilson, James, Pvt., Co. G
Worley, Thomas G., Pvt., Co. F

56th Georgia
Beard, Thomas M., Pvt., Co. B
Blackstock, D. D., Pvt., Co. E
Brown, Thomas, Pvt., Co. E, died June 1, 1863
Farmer, A. E. William, Pvt., Co. B
Long, Isom T., Pvt., Co. E
Moore, S.T., 1st Lt., Co. E, died May 17, 1863
Pentecost, Joseph S., Pvt., Co. B
Roach, James B., Pvt., Co. D, died Sept 1863
Sharp, W. Frank, Pvt., Co. H
Wooten, G. J., Pvt., Co. E, died July 12, 1863

57th Georgia
Bell, Hardy J., Pvt., Co. G, died May 21, 1863
Boatwright, James Thomas, Pvt., Co. C
Brooks, John, 2nd Cpl., Co. D, died May 29, 1863
Bullock, Mathew, Pvt., Co. D, died May 29, 1863
Butler, Benjamin F., Pvt., Co. D
Chambers, Henry M., Pvt., Co. H
Chambers, John E., Pvt., Co. H
Collins, Valentine E., Pvt., Co. H

Conner, Mathew, Pvt., Co. F
Digby, Robert, Pvt., Co H, died of wounds
Dyson, Thomas J., Adjutant
English, Adam H., Pvt., Co. E
Harper, Benjamin H., Pvt., Co. H, died
Hobbs, Washington, 2nd Lt., Co. C
Holder, Jeremiah K., Pvt., Co. D
Holly, William B., Pvt., Co. E
Holmes, Thomas W., 1st Sgt., Co. C, died of wounds
Horn, William F., Pvt., Co. E
Jones, James A., Pvt., Co. E
Lavender, Joel, 2nd Cpl., Co. I
Manning, Virgil C., 1st. Lt., Co. B
McCarthy, John Baptist F., Pvt., Co. D
McGee, James M., Pvt., Co. F, died July 1, 1863
McLeod, Norman M, Pvt., Co. A
Mercer, Joel T, (E), Pvt., Co. D
Mulhern, John, Pvt., Co. D
Mulhern, John, Pvt., Co. K
Murray, Franklin R., 3rd Sgt., Co. E
Pierce, Winfield Scott, 1st Sgt., Co. K, died May 28, 1863
Price, Wilkinson C., 1st Cpl., Co. C
Rogers, Needham R., Pvt., Co. G
Rogers, Robert, Pvt., Co. G
Rogers, Thomas E., Pvt., Co. G
Russell, Henry, Pvt., Co. H
Stewart, John L., 2nd Sgt., Co. B
Stifner, William, Pvt., Co. H
Stuckey, Allison, 1st Cpl., Co. D, died May 29, 1863
Summerlin, James Ellison, Pvt., Co. F
Surmons, Jordan, Pvt., Co. C
Thompson, Richard, Pvt., Co. D
Tindall, David B., Pvt., Co. F, died of wounds
Walden, John C., Pvt., Co. E
Walker, Alonzo E., 4th Cpl., Co. C
Walker, John W., Pvt., Co. C
Walton, William L., Pvt., Co. F
Whatley, A.J., Pvt., Co. I
Witherington, James R., Pvt., Co. C
Wombwell, James M., Pvt., Co. A

12th Louisiana
Allen, Benjamin L., Pvt., Co. E,  died July 9, 1863
Bass, James, Pvt., Co. K
Callahan, James M., Sgt., Co. G, died June 1863
 Clark, J. R., Pvt. 2nd Co. M
Jordan, Benjamin L,. Cpl. Co. K
Lee, James S., Pvt. Co. C
Manning, James Monroe, Sgt, Co. E
West, James N., Pvt., Co K

Pointe Coupee Artillery
LeDoux, Alexandre, Lt., Co. C
Delahay, William, Sgt., Co. A

1st Mississippi Light Artillery
Mclain, Allen F., Pvt., Co. A
Mclain, Calvin Alexander, Pvt., Co. A
McMillian, A. D. S., Pvt., Co. A
Neely, W. C., Pvt. Co. A, died June 15, 1863
Ridley, Samuel Jones, Capt., Co. A
Riser, William Washington, Pvt. Co. A
Robb, John F., Pvt., Co. A
Wilkinson, William Doddridge, Pvt. Co. A
Wilson, George Stewart, Pvt. Co. A

6th Mississippi
Cliburn, William A., Co. G "Rockport Steel Blades"
Haley, J.M., Pvt., Co.F

22nd Mississippi
Mcrosson (sp?), John, Pvt., Co. D

23rd Mississippi
Nelson, John A., Pvt., Co. B
Stewart, Robert A., Cpl., Co B

26th Mississippi
Adams, Elias, Pvt., Co. D
Barron (Barrone), David M., Pvt., Co. H (died May 24, 1863)
Stewart, N.A., Cpl, Co B
Ward, Martin V., Sgt, Co. K

1st Missouri
(1st and 4th Regiments Consolidated)

Bellah, Leonard B., Co. C,
Blackburn, Henry H., Co. H, died 28 May 28, 1863
Boone, John, Co. K
Carrico, James, Co. K
Carrington, W.C.P., Capt., Co. A
Cobb, Lewis T.
Crow, S. D., 1st Sgt., Co. G
Davis, Joseph C., Co. E
Deady, Jeremiah, Co. E
Dobyns, Thomas J., 2nd Lt., Co. K
Doolan, Patrick, Co. D
Dwyer, Thomas, Sgt., Co. D
Fritzsimmons, Peter L., Co. D, died June 12, 1863
Gaty, William, Co. E
Grirgan, Matther, Co. A
Harvey, Patrick, Sgt., Co. A
Henningstreet, James, Co. G
Hubbard, George D., Co. C
Johnson, J. P., Sgt., Co. H
Marshall, George, Co. K
Miller, Charles A., Co. B
Nichols, William E., Cpl., Co. K
Nance, Josiah, Sgt., Co. F, died May 19, 1863
Owens, H. B.. Cpl, Co. F
Rankin, Robert S., 2nd Lt., Co. H died 1 June 1863
Shackleford, William T., Co. K
Smathers, George, Co. B
Synder, William F., Co. I
Spangler, Norval, Capt., Co. E
Thomas, Henry, Co. K
West, Josiah, Co. F
West, Samuel. 1st Sgt., Co. C
Wilcox, Robert, Co. D

1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted)
Baker, Jacob, Co. K
Blakely, Calvin, 1st Lt., Co. C
Chaney, Henry, Cpl, Co. C
Craig, George R., Co. K
Davis, Wesley, Co. F
Ervin, Levi M., Co. G died May 27, 1863
Fancher, Robert, Co. C
Hampton, Wade, Co. H
Hawkes, John A., Co. K
James, John N., Sgt, Co. H
Jones, M. P., Co. H
Jones, William P., 2nd Lt., Co. E
Keaton, Newton, E. Co. A
McMahan, Fredrick W., Co. B
Olvis, Wesley, Co. I
Shreeve, William D., Co. D
Tannehill, Benjamin W., 2nd Lt, Co. B
Tekotte, Antonio, Co. K
Todd, Thomas B., Co. I
Wooley, John A., Co. B

2nd Missouri
Bowser, Crockett Co. G
Fletcher, David N., Co. G
Fletcher, William H. H., Co. G
Gamache, Elias Co. F, 
Hope, William E. 2nd Lt, Co. E, died June 16, 1863
Lafon, William R. Co. F, died July 1, 1863
Marrow, Elisha Co. E

3rd Missouri
Baddy, Joseph W. Sgt. Co. D
Blizzard, J. W. C. Sgt, Co's E/D
Bowman, Samuel W. 1st Sgt, died May 1863
Burford, Edwin F. Sgt, Co. F
Burton, W. W. Co. F
Casey, William F. Co. A
Dricket, Rufus F. Co. E
Duval, David Henderson Co. C
Duval, Thomas Co. C
Faust, J. A. Co. H
Hubbel, F. L., Lt. Col.
Lewis James M. Co. H
McIlvane, William P., Capt
Majors, George Perry Co I died of wounds
Matney, Benjamin F. Co. G
Milligan, Joseph Co. C
Mitchell, Richard H. Co. H
Moss, John Co. C
Scammahorn, David A. Co. B
Simmons, William E. Co. H
Smith, Robert T. Co. E
Swetman, George H. Co. F
Terry, R. P. Co. K
Tinsley, James A. 1st Lt, Co. K
Woodson, Robert Hyde Co. F, died June 14, 1863
York, William W. Co. K
Young, Henry C. Co. C

3rd Missouri Cavalry (dismounted)
Forsyth, James, Cpl., Co. E
Line, John H., Co. E
Lunsford, William M., Co. B
McAllister, William, Co. F
Reynolds, Thomas N., Co. E
Williams, Bluford Barton., Co. E

5th Missouri
Atkeson, Alonzo Co. A
Baggett, Thomas Co. A
Edgar, Allen M. Co. I, died June 6, 1863
Hammond, John L., Co. A
Herndon, Henry C. Co. G
Keeney, John P. Co. E
King, William R. Co. H
Lane, Samuel Sgt, Co. C
McKinney, Harvey G. Capt., Co. H died May 17, 1863
Norman, George H. Co. D
Rudd, Pleasant G. Co. C
Rumpff, Joseph Sgt, Co. F
Sears, Perry W. Co. B

6th Missouri Infantry
Brown, James, Co. B, died May 23, 1863
Chadowens, Francis M., Co. A&F
Clark, John B., Capt., Co. G
Cook, Jason O., Co. F
Evans, Wiley F., Co. F
Hill, Thomas, 2nd Lt, Co. K
Harris, Alexander, Co. I, died July 31, 1863
Huffman, Thomas, Co. F, died May 20, 1863
Kemper, Martin, Co. B
McCormack, Marquis, Co. H
McLain, Levi, Co. H, died July 7, 1863

Landis Battery, Missouri Light Artillery
Weller, William H., 1st Lt.
Ball John T., Pvt.

Waddell's Battery
Irons, William H., Pvt.
Luker, William J., Pvt.
Pace, William A., Pvt.
Smith, Bartlett A., Cpl.
Wardlaw, Edward M. Pvt.

Union Dead


8th Illinois
Bruner, John, Co. B - Died May 25, 1863
James, Cpl. George W. Co. A
Schroeder, Adam, Co. I
Wood, Vivalda, Co. E - Died May 25,1863

20th Illinois
Broderick, William, Co. A - Missing
Harvey, Cpl. William T., Co. C
Friel, Cpl. George, Co. I

30th Illinois
Burnett, Capt. James, Co. D
Meily, Capt. George E., Co. D
Merritt, Pvt. Isaac N., Co I

31st Illinois
Butler, Benjamin, Co. E
Davis, Jasper N., Co. D
Gargus, Joseph, Co. I
Johnson, Samuel, Co. G
Ricker, Sgt. John B., Co. K

33th Illinois
Shiner, Isaac W., Co. C
Shores, Chapman, Co. C

45th Illinois
Ballard, Leroy, Co. H
Baugher, 1st Lt. Nesbit, Co. B
Cornell, William H., Co. K
Day, Robert, Co. H
Hammond, Sgt. Major Isaac M.

81st Illinois
Davis, Titus, Co. G
Keith, John R., Co. A
Sczroskey, Charles, Co. A

93rd Illinois
Adams, Sgt. Rober A., Co. F
Baker, Levi D., Co. H
Barrett, Martin B. Co. K
Bennett, William, Co. F
Bliss, Edward P., Co. F
Blood, T. Talcott, Co. C
Bolinger, John, Co. D
Bollman, Cpl. John B., Co. G
Broughter, Cpl. A. M., Co. G
Brightman, Joh H., Co F
Bunnell, David, Co. H
Bryant, Charles M., Co. C
Clapp, Sgt. Charles S., Co. K
Colburn, Paul, Co. C
Conley, Stephen, Co. I - Missing
Doty, Charles, Co. F
Downer, John, Co. A
Durby, Austin L., Co. B
Durley, Austin L. Co. B
Eisenhower, William, Co. G
Erb, Isaac, Co. G
Erwin, Rudy, Co.
Foos, Lafayette M., Co. E
Forbes, Wallace, Co. E
Fox, Cpl. John H., Co. A
Gordon, Samuel, Co. B
Hart, Charles E., Co. K
Hickey, Cpl. James, Co. D
Hinman, Franklin, Co. K
Hirth, Julius, Co. E
Hitchcock, Martin, Co. E
Hudnut, Daniel W., Co. I
Hulbert, Cpl. Lymna, Co. G
Keadle, Cpl. Thomas D., Co B
Knedle, Samuel, Co. D
Krise, William, Co. G
Lafayette, Foos M., Co E
Lloyd, Capt. David, Co. K
Marren, Patrick, Co. F
Marshall, Cpl. Benjamin I., Co. A
Martin, Isaac, Co. K
Mason, Cpl. Albert, Co. K
McCline, John, Co. F
McCrank, James, Co. B
McMurry, Thomas H., Co. C
Miller, Joseph A., Co. F
Mitchell, Thos. O. K., Co. D
Muse, Sgt. John W., Co. A
Neff, Sgt. Ezekiel G., Co I
Neighbor, Andrew, Co. I
Phillips, Sgt. Thomas, Co. D
Riley, George, Co. E
Rodgers, Gardner, Co. E
Rosweiler, Henry, Co. G
Scurr, Charles W., Co. K
Shockley, Benjamin F. Co. G
Short, Sgt. Richard T., Co. B
Sills, Cpl. George, Co. D - Died May 22, 1863
Simmons, William C., Co. E
Shay, Thomas, Co. F
Shay, Thomas, Co. C
Sills, Cpl. George, Co. C
Smith, Sgt. Abraham, Co. H
Smith, Thomas, Co. K
Stoner, Peter C., Co. B
Swope, William A., Co. C
Walguist, John S., Co. K
Wamacks, Albert, Co. A
Warner, Cpl. August, Co. F
Wamacks, Thomas P., Co. A
West, Daniel, Co. H
Whitehead, William H., Co. A
Wilcox, Francis B., Co. C
Wilkinson, Amos K., Co. K
Wilson, William J., Co. G
Wolf, Daniel, Co. G
Wormwood, James, Co. B
Zearing, Samuel M., Co. B

108th Illinois
Raush, Jno., Co. B

118th Illinois
Arrison, 1st Lt. Samuel R., Co. A - Died Nov 2, 1863
Geddes, Capt. Alexander Walker, Co. A
White, Lt. Thomas B., Co. A

124th Illinois
Bates, John T., Co. G
Ferguson, Henry C., Co. I
Forest, Henry T., Co. I
Fultz, Henry, Co. D
Keen, Cpl. James T., Co. K
Lenox, Martin, Co. H
Rice, Alphonzo, Co. H
Shyler, Peter F., Co. H
Snow, George A., Co. H

11th Indiana
Allgood, Iredell R., Co. F
Brown, C. H., Co. K
Brown, James, Co, E - Died July 2, 1863
Cassady, Michael, Co. F
Cornell, Robert, Co. D
Cosper, J. S., Co. E
Cramer, Solomon, Co. B
Curtis, Presley, Co. A
Ellis, John, Co. A - Died June 1, 1863
Emery, John - Died June 10, 1863
Fogal, James, Co. F
Gregg, Allen, Co. B - Died June 3, 1863
Healey, Sgt. James, Co. F
Heines, Simon, Co. K
Hill, Lewis, Co. E - Died July 3, 1863
Hollingsworth, Henry, Co. C
Hollis, Joseph, Co. F
Lasley, D. M., Co. G
Limberger, William, Co. D - Died of wounds
Lohan, Thomas, Co. I
Matthews, Cpl. William H., Co. E
McGovern, Thomas., Co. B
McGuey, James., Co. A
Miller, Francis, Co. K
Newby, Townsend, Co. F
Pitman, William H., Co. D - Died May 17, 1863
Riddle, T. J., Co. H
Rinhart, John, Co. E - Died July 2, 1863
Shell, Cpl. Henry, Co. E
Skinner, Cpl. W. B., Co. H
Smith, Miton, Co. A - Died May 18, 1863
Thompson, R., Co. I
Westbrook, Wm., Co. G
Youngerman, G. M., Co. K

24th Indiana
Williamson, T.W.C., Asst. Surgeon - Died May 26, 1863
Welman, Capt. Felix G., Co. B
Cain, 2nd Lt. Jesse L., Co. A
Dawson, W. G., Co. B
Edwards, W. H., Co. A
Evans, Nathan F., Co. H
Hoover, Thomas W, Co. C
Johnson, Capt. S.D., Co. C
Kirk, W. H., Co. K
Phillips, W. M., Co. K
Scircliff, J. T.

34th Indiana

Alley, William, Co. A - died June 14, '63
Chapman, Dallas D., Co. B
Corkins, Henry, Co. G
- Died May 20-21, 1863
Craven, John, Co. A - died June 21 '63
Jarrett, Thomas, Co. I
Moore, David A., Co. C
Overholser, Tobias M., Co. H
Patterson, James, Co. A
Perry, Joseph, Co. B
Swaim, Lt Col William, Died June 17, 1863
Sweaney, John J., Co. B

46th Indiana
Ager, Marshall H., Co. H
Benjamin, Abel, Co. G
Beaver, John, Co. A
Burson, Commodore S., Co. H
Butler, Williams, Co. F
Button, T. G., Co. I
Davis, Silas, Co. A
Dunham, Silas, Co. G
Ferris, Lt. Joel, Co. F
Heartzog, William C., Co. A - died  July 18, '63
Humbert, Thomas, Co. I
Kistler, T.J., Co. I
Laynear, Cpl William, Co. D
Millinger, Charles D., Co. I
Nace, Thomas, Co. F
Nelson, S. H., Co. A
Newhouse, John N., Co. C
Oliver, William M., Co. I
Pfoutz, William, Co. B
Smith, Henry L., Co. A
Smith, George W., Co. E
Taffe, Michael, Co. F
Thompson, James N., Co. C
Welch, Nicholas, Co. D

47th Indiana
Alguire, Emanuel, Co. C
Andey, William S., Co. E
Baker, Abraham, Co. E
Bates, Henry, Co. C
Baxter, Isaac, Co. C
Beam, Johnson, Co. C
Brady, John W., Co. K
Bunch, Nazareth J., Co. K
Cole, 2nd Lt. George W., Co. C
Crow, Willson H., Co B
Crum, Abraham, Co. G
Denton, Daniel S., Co. G
Devoss, John S., Co. A
Dilly, Eli, Co. E
Douglass, George, Co. G
Flora, Edward, Co. B - Died of Wounds, June 1, 1863
Fordyce, Jasper N., Co. C
Gardner, Myron D., Co. B  - Died May 30, 1863
Hackett, William, Co. E
Henley, William, Co. H
Hour, Dorsey M., Co. G
Kelley, Cpl George W., Co. I
Larimore, Cpl David, Co. H
Miller, Cpl Allen L., Co. A
Miller, John, Co. G
Myers, John, Co. B
Nivison, George, Co. E - Died Jun. 28, 1863
Overman, Cpl Jeremiah, Co. K
Pattenger, Lewis Pierceton, Co. E - Died May 29, 1864
Perry 1st Lt., James F., Co B
Sackett, William, Co. C
Sale, Andrew J., Co H - Died June 21, '63
Scoles, Andrew W., Co C
Shrank, Jacob, Co. C
Slyter, Thomas, Co. E - Died May 25, 1863
Smith, Reuben S., Co. D
St. John, Albert, Co. B
Stone, Solomon, Co. K
Walker, Robert W., Co. H - Died May 28,1863
Wolford, Valentine, Co. K
Williamson, Jefferson, Co. G
Williams, John H., Co. D
Williams, Cpl. John W., Co. E
Yeangher, Joab, Co. E
Zediker, Cpl. Joseph, Co. C


49th Indiana
Mason, Green C., Co. A
Speedy, Andrew J., Co. A
Pennington, William, Co. C
Blakely, William, Co. D
Donohen, Daniel, Co. D
Kremer, Nicholas, Co. I
Kramer, John, Co. I

7th Kentucky
Baker, William G., Co. I
Meadors, Jeremiah, Co. F
Wilson, Capt. Thomas H., Co.D

10th Missouri
Horney, Lt. Col., Leonidas. 2nd Brig., 7th Div. 17th Corps

16th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery
Mitchell, Capt. J. A.

20th Ohio
McCafferty, 2nd Lt. Presley, Co. C

32nd Ohio
Vanniman, Pvt. Samuel S., Co. I, wounded

42nd Ohio
Matheny, J. F., Co. D
Pringle, W. M., Co. D
Temple, Isaac, Co. A

56th Ohio
Chute, 2nd Lt. Augustus. S., Co. D
Clifford, Pvt. Luke, Co. D
Crabtree, Pvt. William, Co. C
Davis, Pvt. Richard T., Co. C
Dodds, Thomas B., Pvt.
Downey, Cpl. Martin, Co. G
Evans, Corp. David, Co. C
Lewis, Pvt. Henry H., Co. C
Manring, 2nd Lt. George W., Co. A
Richards, Pvt. Henry, Co. C
Williams, Pvt. John Henry, Co. C

68th Ohio
Snook, Lt. Co.l. J. S.

 78th Ohio
Austin, James, Co. D
Caldwell, Lt Jas., Co. A - Died of wounds
Cooper, Asaph, Co. B
Finney, James, Co. D
Gray, Enoch, Co. K
Hudson, James, Co. H - Died of wounds
Huelson, James, Co. H - Died of wounds
McBride, William, Co. H.
McBurney, William, Co. H
McIntosh, John. F., Co. I
McMillen, Cpl. David, Co. H - Died of wounds
Roach, Sgt. Andrew [Abner] M., Co. I
Stilts, Sgt. James, Co. G
Taylor, James, Co. F
Vog[h]t, Louis B., Co. A

83rd Ohio
Warden, Sgt. Ernest, Co. F

114th Ohio
Colvin, L. H., Co. E

5th Iowa
Anderson, James J., Co. A
Artist, Sgt. Daniel, Co. G
Bell, James, Co. E
Binder, Benjamin, Co. G
Clements, Henry, Co. A
Cunningham, Sgt. Robert, Co. H
Darling, 2nd Lt. Jerome, Co. K - died May 17, 1863
Downey, Cpl. Patrick, Co. G - died Dec. 17, 1863
Ferrell, Robert A., Co. A
Gillespie, Stewart, Co. G
Gift, Cpl. William H., Co. I
Huff, John G., Co. F - Died June 1, 1863
Isett, Fulton, Co., C - Died May 29, 1863
Jarrett, Cpl. John., Co. E
Leatherman, Cpl. Castleton, Co. E
Limbach, Pvt. Henry, Co. F
Lindsey, 1st Lt. Samuel B., Co. H
Martin, Addison W., Co. G - (w) Died Sept. 19, 1863
McCray, John C. or W., Co. E - Died of wounds
McDaniels, Philip, Co. D - Died June 9, 1863
McWilliams, Sgt. Joseph H., Co. E
Overhulser, Pvt. Levi, Co E
Rowland, James H., Co. F - Died May 18, 1863
Stephens, John, Co. C - Died June 2, 1863
Spurling, William, Co. B - (w) Died Sept. 2, 1863
Stirts, William F., Co. K
Stoner, Cpl. Peter G., Co. H
Sutton, Cpl. William Sutton, Co. H - died June 20, 1863
Winchell, William R., Co. H

10th Iowa
Able, James W., Co. B
Adkins, William H., Co. B, Died Aug. 3, 1863
Allen, John G., Co. E. - Died May 28, 1863
Ashby, Sgt. James W., Co. G
Bean, Cpl. Stephen S., Co. A
Budka, Cpl. Joseph, Co. C
Biggs, Sgt. Hezekiah L., Co. C
Barger, Cpl. Henry, Co. E - Died May 20, 1863
Bear, William, Co. E - Died July 1, 1863
Bell, Ephraim N, Co. E - Died May 20, 1863
Bryan, Cpl. Silas, Co. F
Brown, 2nd Lt. Isaac H., Co. H
Bevan, Aaron, Co. I - Died June 4, 1863
Connelly, Charles K. P., Co. B
Davis, Jacob K., Co. B - Died June 13, 1863
Dibble, Milo, Co I - Died May 20, 1863
Fletcher, Isaac, Co. A
Fee, Frances M., Co. D
Hargis, Francis M., Co. B - Died July 8, 1863
Hancox, Sgt. John B., Co. C
Herrick, Carlos G., Co. C
Hangham (Haugham), Francis M., Co. F - Died June 27, 1863
Hall, William N., Co. H
Hoy, Benjamin F., Co. H - Died May 27, 1863
Hoy, Monroe, Co. H - Died June 1, 1863
Hutchinson, Smith S., Co. H
Iliff, Cpl. Joshua H., Co. I - Died July 17, 1863
Kesler, Henry J., Co. F - Died May 26, 1863
Kelso, Martin, Co. G
Kerr, Wesley, Co I
Luken, Cpl. Cobus, Co. G - Died June 7, 1863
Lockwood, Cpl. Henry, Co I
Lytle, Cpl. James P., Co. K
Murray, Andrew, Co. A - Died May 22, 1863
Miles, Cpl. Joseph, Co. G
Moore, John A., Co. G
Maus, Jerome W., Co. I - Died May 17, 1863
Myers, Jonathan S., Co. K - Died May 25, 1863
Nussbaum, Isaac Z., Co. A
Northern, Bartley, Co. K
Peck, Charles W., Co. C
Paige, James M., Co D - Died May 17, 1863
Poage, Capt. Stephen W., Co I
Powell, Sgt. Joseph, Co I - Died May 25, 1863
Reed, Stephen, Co B - Died June 1, 1863
Ramey, Philip, Co. C
Rouse, John C., Co. C
Rentsch, Cpl. Samuel, Co. D
Rhodes, William, Co. H - Died July 16, 1863
Rippey, Matthew J., Co. I
Santchi (Sanchi), Cpl. John, Co. E - Died June 6, 1863
Surver, Christopher C., Co. K
Terry, Lt. James H., Co. E
Updegraph, Jerome, Co. B - Died July 19, 1863
Van Horn, Uriah, Co. C
Vanderpool, John, Co. G
White, Jerome B., Co. D - Died June 6, 1863
Wilson, Edward L., Co. D
Weston, Benjamin F., Co. I
Wren, John B., Co. I

24th Iowa
Anderson, Knute, Co. G
Archer, Caleb, Co. K – Died June 26, 1863
Babe, William, Co. A - Died June 8, 1863
Bailey, Silas, Co. D
Blackburn, George, Co C - Died May 17, 1863
Bogear, Simon, Co. E
Boyer, Jackson, Co. H
Boyers, Isaac, Co. D
Bruntlett, Henry, Co. A
Burnett, Perry, Co. D - Died June 9, 1863
Carpenter, Sgt. James, Co. C
Casselman, Alexander, Co. H
Carbee, Capt. William
Caton, Cpl. Dana, Co. A
Cochran, Cpl,Wallace P., Co, F – Died June 24, 1863
Cuttell, Pvt. Job, Co. A
Day, Harrison W., Co. I, Died May 23, 1863
Doty, Andrew, Co. F - Died June 2, 1863
Felton, Homer H., Co. G
Gage, Pvt. Asahel T., Co. A - Died May 17, 1863
Gallino, Joesph P., Co. C
Goodman, Pvt. George W., Co. F
Gross, John, Co E
Gunter, Hiram, Co. I - Died May 16, 1863
Guering, Martin, Co. A
Hakeman, James, Co. C - Died June 14, 1863.
Hall, John, Co. H
Hawkins, Pvt. John, Co. D - Died June 1, 1863
Hedge, Darius C., Co. H
Hemmingway, James Jr., Co. D
Henry, Edward, Co. A
Hershberger, Isaac S., Co. I
Hickson, James L., Co. A - Died May 31, 1863
Hill, Robert L., Co. G
Hillman, George, Co. E - Died May 21, 1863
Huey, Albert R., Co. C
Huey, William C., Co. C
Jacobson, Theodore, Co. A - Died May 20, 1863
Johnson, Capt. Silas D.
Kleineck (Kleinknecht), Pvt J. Christian, Co. F
Krauth, Siemon, Co. D
Lawrence, 1st Lt. Chauncey C.
Langden, Thomas, Co. D
Mattauch, Anthony, Co. C
McWilliams, Francis Y., Co. F - May 23, 1863
Miller, John, Sergeant, Co. G
Mitchell, Wellington, Co. H
Moore, Albert G., Co. D - Died June 12, 1863
Nelson, George W., Co. G - Died July 1, 1863
Noyes, Samuel J., Co. H
Nungesser, Frederick, Co. C - Died July 11, 1863
O'Kelley, Charles, Co. I
O'Kelley, William, Co. I
Pendergast, Patrick, Co. A - Died May 20, 1863
Peters, William Henry, Co. C - Died May 26, 1863
Porter, James A., Co. F - Died July 8, 1863
Powers, Samuel K., Co. K - Died June 29, 1863
Ramsay, Emory, Co. G - Died June 1, 1863
Rollf, George W., Co. I
Ross, Lorenzo, Co. A
Serbe, John, Co. D
Schofield, Alfred J., Sergeant, Co. A - Died May 18, 1863
Seeber, Michael, Sergeant, Co. A
Seeber, William A., Corporal, Co. A - Died June 7, 1963
Sines, Absalom, Sergeant, Co. G
Sprague, Austin G., Co. D
Smith, Irenius, Co. D - Died June 1, 1863
Steinberger, David, Co. D
Stephens, Amos, Co. H
Stevens (Stephens), Henry H., Co. H
Stewart, William C., Sergeant, Co F
Stoddard, George Henry, Corporal, Co. E
Stream, Mahlon B., Co. G
Sweet, Delos, Co. I - Died in Memphis
Taylor, James H., Co. H - Died July 7, 1863
Turner, Washington, Co. F - Died May 25, 1863
Umberger, Joseph B. - Died May 24, 1863
Vance, Daniel W., Co. G - Died May 31, 1863
Waddilove, Alfred, Co. A - Died May 20, 1863
Weldin, Joseph, Co. E - Died May 17, 1863
Williams, George, Co. A

28th Iowa
Brewster, Amos. N., Co. A
Bowman, Hugh, Co. E
Callison, A. P., Co. K
Cassiday, Benjamin F., Co. C
Crawford, Samuel A., Co. D
Christy, James, Co. F
Ellis, Benjamin, Co. A - died July 4, 1863
Ferguson, George W., Co. D - died June 14, 1863
Gilroy, John, Co. G - died May 30, 1863
Haskett, Jonas P., Co. K
Hammitt, Samuel W., Co. F
Hiatt, John Warner, Co. F - Died June 7, 1863
Hogan, Patrick, Co. H
Hutchinson, Geo., Co. K
Jimmerson, James B., Co A
Kirby, Capt. Benjamin F., Co. I
Legan, Lt. John J., Co. A
Maxson, James A., Co. D - died of wounds
McLaughin, John, Co I - died of wounds
Miller, Henry M., Co F - died June 7, 1863
Mossman, Francis H., Co. A
Noel, Peter, Cor. F - died of wounds
Osburn, Moses, Co. F
Post, D. A., Co. K - Died of wounds
Russell, Barnabus W.,
Shelton, David, Co. K
Skeel, Augustus, Co. C
Snapf, John A., Co. K
Southern, Thomas, Co. K
Summers, William H., Co. D
Stonebreaker, John W., Co. E
Teeter, William L. Co. G
Tullis, Amos, Co. G - died of wounds
Weno, John, Co. D - died June 10, 1863
Willford, James H., Co. D - died May 29, 1863
Williams, David C., Co. D - died June 14, 1863
Williams, George, Co. F
Wood, Daniel A., Co. G - died June 18, 1863

10th Missouri
Horney, Lt. Col. Leonidas
McQuary, Pvt. James A., Co. K - Died Aug 3, 1863
Woods, Pvt. James, Cp/ D

26th Missouri
Abbert, John, Co. F
Baker, August, Co. B
Ballsmeyer, Frederick, Co. F
Borgmeyer, Joseph, Co. D
Brown, Sgt. Sylvester, Co. I
Chandler, A. J., Co. A
Craig, Alfred M., Co. A
Farrett, Cpl. Henry, Co. B
Fick, Christopher, Co. H - Died July 24, 1863
Heddy, Marvin V., Co. A - Died of wounds
Hetnike, Henry, Co. B
Houston, Thomas, Co. B
Lee, 2nd Lt, Thomas, Co. G
Lee, 2nd Lt. Thomas M., Co. G - Died June 18, 1863
Lemmons, James N., Co. A - Died of wounds
McLane, Robert M., Co. A - Died May 24, 1863
Payne, Cpl. Charles W.
Pointo, William H., Co. B
Poulnois, Charles, Co. C - Died May 23, 1863
Rapps, John, Co. C - Died June 2, 1863
Shaffer, Charles, Co. B
Shehe, John, Co. I
Shied, Henry, Co. B
Wagoner, David, Co. B
Watkinsin, Charles, Co. B
Welker, Capt. John, Co. B
Wingert, Sgt. Joseph E., Co A - Died May 27, 1863
Winniham, Cpl. Richard, Co. D
Wirich, John, Co. C - Died May 21, 1863

29th Wisconsin
Angell, Oscar J., Co. L
Barney, Cpl. John J., Co. L
Birk, Mathias, Co. G - Died May 17, 1863
Blecker, William J., Co. A - Died June 13, 1863
Bradt, John H., Co. C - Died May 24, 1863
Brown, William H., Co. K - Died June 20, 1863
Bryant, Sgt. Spencer A., Co. D - Died June 25, 1863
Butler, Thomas H., Co. D
Carter, Newton, H., Co. A
Coughlin, Brian, Co. A
Duke, Gilbert, Co. C
Eggert, Julius, Co. K - Died May 31, 1863
Ford, Daniel, Co. H
Graham, Sgt. Brooklyn, Co. C
Hanff, Sgt. John A., Co. C
Hinds, Michael, Co. G
Jackson, John, Co. E
Kaltenborn, Cpl. Paul, Co. F
King, Joseph, Co. A
Mathews, Alfred A., Co. G - Died June 12, 1863
Meise, John B., Co. D - Died May 28, 1863
Murray, John, Co. H
Owen, Peter, Co. K - Died June 12, 1863
Parker, Cpl. Benjamin, Co. F - Died June 6, 1863
Persons, Francis, Co. L
Roedel, Frederick, Co. G - Died Aug 16, 1863
Shaeffer, Frederick, Co. H - Died June 12, 1863
Skinner, Edwin, Co. D - Died June 12, 1863
Van Arnum, George, Co. E - Died May 19, 1863

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