Capt. John L. Campbell, Third Illinois Cavalry.
Camp, Detactment Third Illinois Cavalry,
Ninth Division, Thirteenth Army Corps,
May 26, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor of reporting that at 9 a.m. on the 16th instant my little command, consisting of Companies A, E, and K, Third Illinois Cavalry, the former commanded by Lieutenant Bierce; Company E by Lieut. Themas B. Vaughn, and Company K by Lieutenant Zimmerman, comprising some 90 men, met the enemy's vedettes and drove them back to their skirmishers, where I dismounted a portion of my command and skirmished with them, driving them over 1 mile along the back brow of Champion's Hill. The road was enfiladed by deep canons, heavily timbered. The enemy yielded their ground with great reluctance, contesting every inch of it. Company E had the advance on this occasion, and, of course, had to bear the brunt of the enemy's fire.

While waiting for the infantry to press the enemy, orders came for the cavalry to charge them, which was promptly executed. Company E was led by Lieutenant Vaughn, supported by Lieutenant Hargrave. Companies A and K were gallantly led by their company commanders in support of Company E.

The head of the column passed through the enemy's skirmishers and reached a point within 75 yards of the enemy, drawn up in three lines of battle on each side of the road, with a battery in the road directly in our front. They poured into us a galling enfilading fire from their small-arms and a plunging fire from their battery. As no cavalry could long live in this fire, a retreat was ordered and promptly executed.

Lieut. W.B. Hargrave, of Company E, was wounded in the right arm slightly; 3 horses were killed and 4 wounded in the charge.

I am happy to be able to say that the entire command did their duty.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Captain, Commanding Detachment Third Illinois Cavalry.

Comdg. Ninth Div., Thirteenth A. C., Dept. of the Tennessee.

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