Letters of
Theodore Jacobson
Company A, 24th Iowa Volunteer Infantry

Mortally wounded on May 16, 1863 at Champion Hill
and died of wounds on May 20, 1863

Letters provided courtesy of Glenda Norblom from her great-great uncle.

Muscatine (Iowa) Wednesday (August) 23/62

Dear sister,

I arrived at Muscatine last Thursday at 11 0clok PM and the Captain took us to a Boarding house in the city and the next morning we marched to the camp ground. We are the only company here now but we expect two or three companys here from Muscatine to day and one from Iowa City to morrow. That is all I no of now/ but there is going to be 2,000 men here after a while. I wish you could come down here once to see us and the camp ground. There are 20 Barracks and 20 Kitchens here which make juste a City of it. I heard that you was coming down to Clinton Saturday. I hope you did not come fore I told William on way to tell you that we were going to leave that day. I hope you did not come for it would been a great disappointment to you and besides a great exspence to Father.
I think you beter not thin of coming down here fore it would cost to much for I can get come up on a ferlow cheaper than you can come down here. the Captain promost us all a ferlow as quick as we get mustard in which I think will be to morrow or the next day. He promist the married men a ferlow first and then the boys but I think I can get of with the married men.

We belong with the 24 Iowa company at which is the temperance Rigement and every captain in this Rigement is a Methatist Pastor. But anough of that. I think we will stay here from 6 to 8 weeks and maybe longer but I must quit now for I donít know any more. I am well and I hope you are the same. rite soon and ever remember your
Brother Theodore Jacobsen

Give my love to all in passing friends espeshly the girls

Muscatine (Iowa) Sep 14/1862

Dear Mina

I received Emmas letter of the 3 sep on the 9th. I was almost tired of wating and began to think that you had forgot me. But I se that you did not. I was glad to here that you was all well and that father was hawling the hay all redy. I was a frade that he would not get it cut till late fore father had so much other work to do before he could go at it. We got part of our Uniform yesterday evening and will get the rest of it tomorrow. I do not no wether we will get ouer bounty tomorrow or not. But I think we will. I got my month pay the next day after I wrote to Emma. They have church here every Sunday and Mr. Henderson preached here to day but I could not go for I am cook of a mess of 16 men. I cook for one month. I have coocked two weeks to-day. I get 5 dollars ber month besides my 13 dollars wich maks 18 dollars ber month.
I thought that would keep me in spending money enyhow. I wish the other 2 weeks was up for it is sush dirty work and besides I donít like the trade.

Well Ill tell you what I get for breckfast for breckfast I get sweet coffee and fried meat and potatos and for dinner I get the same but for super I get tea Rice with sugar and boiled meat. And after super one of the/my mess help me wash the dishes for I cant to it alone for the coocks havto be on dressparad or get a black mark and if I get a black mark I havto sand gard 24 hours for it.

But I must close now fore I donít know eny more to. I am well and I hope this will find you the same.
give my love to all inquiring friends. Give my love to father and the rest
so good by Dear Min and ever rememeber your Brother Theodore Jacobse

you must excuse my mistakes and bad spelling


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