The Personality of General Lloyd Tilghman

The following is a description of General Tilghman written by 
Colonel Lockhart, 50th Tennessee.

Following the surrender of Fort Donelson, Lockhart and Tilghman were held prisoner at Fort Warren Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. 
The letter was addressed to a friend and written June 23, 1862 from Fort Warren.

The next in order is General Lloyd Tilghman, perhaps you have seen him. He is a "dashing fellow", bold, fearless, energetic, cultivated and determined. Stands erect is quite handsome, sparkling black eyes and is by no means destitute of his full share of self esteem. True and kind to his friends, intolerant and vindictive towards those who do not choose to applaud all his acts and court his smiles. He displayed good sense in saving his garrison at Fort Henry and surrendered himself a prisoner.

Col. N. C. Lockhart, 50th Tennessee.


Excerpts from the diary of Colonel Randal McGavock, 10th Tennessee Infantry.

From Pen and Sword, The Life and Journals Of Randal McGavaock, Herschel Gower and Jack Allen, editors. 
Published by Tennessee Historical Commission, 1960.

September 30, 1862

Left Jackson this morning in company with Gen. Tilghman and others for Clinton. Went out to my camp about 10 oc. General T. mad speeches to three Regiments encamped here. The burden of his remarks to my Reg. was in regard to their reorganization. He said that ewe had some good officers, but many very bad ones - and recommended some
half doz of his Ky friends for Capts. He then told them that he had provided everything for them - from a tenpenny nail to a locomotive if they need such a thing and if they did not get everything that they were entitled to - it would be the fault of the Regimental officers and not his fault. In his speech to Quarles Reg. He pitched into Gen. Pillow pretty severely - and charged him with having caused all our misfortunes at Ft. Donelson. He is quite a demagogue - and lets off a great deal of gas.

October 2, 1862

Today the companies in the 10th Tennessee Regt. were re-organized and I think the organization better than ever before. None of the gentlemen that Gen. Tilghman recommended received a single vote. Two young gentlemen that I recommended were made lieutenants without opposition.

October 4, 1862

Had an interview with Gen. Tilghman this morning - and he expressed great dissatisfaction because my Rg. Did not elect any of his Ky friends. I have come to the conclusion after mature deliberations that he is a humbug.

Col Randal McGavock, 10th Tennessee Irish


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