Dr. Timothy B. Smith
2009 Event Champion Hill Featured Speaker


A native of Mississippi, Dr. Timothy B. Smith received a BA and MA in History from Ole Miss and then a Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in 2001. He is a veteran of the National Park Service, working for seven years at the Shiloh National Military Park. He recently left Shiloh to teach history at the University of Tennessee at Martin. His main area of interest and specialty, besides the Civil War, is in the history of Civil War battlefield preservation.

Smith’s latest publication is a history of the first five military parks preserved during the 1890s entitled The Golden Age of Battlefield Preservation: The Establishment of America’s First Five Civil War Military Parks. This book came out with the University of Tennessee Press in 2008. Smith has also recently published an edited version, along with Dr. Gary D. Joiner of Louisiana State University-Shreveport, of a 1966 Ph.D. dissertation on the Battle of Shiloh: Shiloh and the Western Campaign of 1862.

In addition, Smith has authored three additional books, including This Great Battlefield of Shiloh: History, Memory, and the Establishment of a Civil War National Military Park (2004) and The Untold Story of Shiloh: The Battle and the Battlefield (2006), both with the University of Tennessee Press.

He also published Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg (2004) with Savas Beatie of New York. He is currently working on a history of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park as well as a study of the home front in Civil War Mississippi for the Heritage of Mississippi Series of the University Press of Mississippi. In addition to these books, Smith has also widely published articles in journals such as North and South, Civil War Times, Tennessee Historical Quarterly, America’s Civil War, Annals of Iowa, and Journal of Mississippi History.



"CHAMPION HILL is, unequivocally, the best non-fiction narrative of a Civil War engagement that I've ever read - and that includes works by Shelby Foote and James McPherson. It generally concerns U.S. Major General Ulysses Grant's capture of Vicksburg, but is more specifically about the crucial Battle of Champion Hill on May 16, 1863, which essentially sealed Vicsbu8rg's fate by forcing its defenders back into the city, around which Grant ultimately established siege lines." Joseph Haschka, Glendale, California. Book review from Amazon.com

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